Supported Projects

We offer grants of up to £5000 per project
We were coming to the people; they didn’t have to come out to shops, and we were improving their wellbeing during lockdown. I believe the Kathleen Graham Trust helped us save lives
Salome Preston

Sion Mills Community Association

Glebe United

KGT is supporting Glebe to grow and continue to play an integral role in the local community. Financial support has helped with running expenses and purchasing of equipment allowing focus on developing a youth policy and progressing upwards through the leagues.

The Wave Project

The Wave project NI helps young people across the country through Surf Therapy. Through 6 weeks of surf sessions young people improve their physical and emotional well being, to boost their confidence and self-worth and alleviate anxiety and stress. KGT has allowed more than 10 young people to take part and looks forward to working together in the future. 

I would like to say to the foundation that our community are very thankful and appreciative of the gesture that was made, it brought us all together and the sense of community was stronger than ever.
Marcus O’Neill

Chairperson, Cross Community Station

Urney Interview

Urney believe in investing in the future – the kids – so focus on coach development, allowing coaches to maximise their impact. KGT has played a key role in allowing each child (there are over 100!) to have the equipment they need and to keep up maintenance of facilities.

Liquid Therapy

The KGT has allowed Liquid Therapy, a not-for-profit organisation, to provide surfing lessons for young people with additional needs. The donation has also allowed for specialised equipment allowing LT to work with those with more severe physical needs – making a huge and positive impact on these young peoples lives.

Our group became involved with the Kathleen Graham Trust during the Covid Situation. We came together with the local community groups from Sion Mills and The Glebe, and we were able to deliver the hot meal project
Maeve Corry

Victoria Bridge Cross Community Forum

Sion Mills Cricket Club

Sion Mills cricket club is the most successful in the history of North West cricket. After devastating vandalism and an arson attack the club looked set to have a sad ending. The KGT has allowed the club to get back on its feet, replace destroyed equipment and look forward to breaking more cricketing boundaries!

Castlederg GAA

Castlederg GAA are committed to offering the best possible experience for the staff, their players and their spectators as well as the growth of all aspects of the GAA. The KGT has allowed them to make a downpayment on a new stand. This has released other funds for coaching and development, key to the clubs success.

The Kathleen Graham Trust got involved with us in our hot food project. They came on board with funding which allowed us to put a 6 weeks project together, where we served out 330 meals per day.
Andy Patton

Sion Mills Community Forum

Sion Swifts

KGT has supported Sion Swifts financially to aid in its facilities and transport costs and. With over 500 players from all the community and up to 70 coaches the club plays a vital role in the local area – highlighted by sending 20 teams to the Foyle cup in Derry.

Books being delivered to Nursing Homes in Castlederg

We have received a cash donation that is being used for expenses for our delivery service for prescriptions and for the befriending service.
David Young

Churchtown Community Association

Covid-19 Response

The impact on Covid-19 on individuals and communities was so immediate Frances directed Trustees to be proactive in responding to the needs that the pandemic presented. Funds were quickly made available to a number of organisations in the North West and Belfast areas.

Sion Mills/Strabane

In Sion Mills two projects providing meals to the most vulnerable were identified. A co-operation between the Hidden Pearl Restaurant and The Sion Mills Community Forum delivered 9,600 meals over a 6-week period. There were a number of volunteers involved in this venture and the areas covered included Sion Mills, the Glebe, Clady, Victoria and Douglas Bridges.

A similar project was funded in Castlederg with dinners cooked and delivered in co-operation with the Red Pepper Restaurant. Food packages were also distributed in the Aghayaran area and community projects in the Castlederg area were also funded, one of which delivered a befriending daily service to those living alone.

Strabane Together Against Covid-19” brought community workers, groups, local charities and volunteers together in a joint initiative in the town of Strabane. A number of different ventures were funded within this umbrella organization including the purchase of PPE for nursing home staff and carers. A donation was made to Strabane Community Project. Supplies were purchased over this period for food parcels and the Food Bank.

Red Pepper Restaurant

Strabane Comminity Project

Sion Mills Community Forum

Castlederg GAA

Strabane District caring Services

The Koram Centre


Altnagelvin Hospital in Derry was provided with supplies of toiletries and clothing and the Mater Hospital in Belfast received 10 electronic tablets to support patients in being able to keep in touch with loved ones during this difficult time.

A substantial donation was also made to Altnagelvin Hospital to support services and staff.

Electronic Tablets Distributed

In total the Trust donated over 100 electronic tablets to hospitals and the community with 40 donated to nine care homes, 10 donated to the hospital and over 50 donated to a variety of community groups.

These were particularly utilised for communication between the sick and elderly and their families and to enable the most vulnerable to be able to stay connected, supporting their emotional and holistic well-being. The distribution of these tablets mirrors a project initiated in England by our sister charity the PFC Trust.


Reach Portrush received funding for the provision of food parcels. More than ten volunteers prepared and delivered around 80 parcels weekly. This group also received four electronic tablets. They were particularly busy throughout the Covid-19 crisis supporting those people who were isolated.


In Belfast the Shankill Women’s Centre received tablets allowing young women supported by the project could continue their school work and keep in touch with friends and family. Staff at the centre were also supplied with much needed laptops to replace slower legacy equipment.

Shankhill Womans Centre

Surfing Therapy

Liquid Therapy and The Wave Project both received funding to support their use of surfing as a therapy, primarily for children. The projects have produced outstanding results in helping improve the lives of young people, the Trust made donations to both organisations.

Liquid Therapy

Thanking the Real Heroes – the volunteers!

Frances was keen to ensure that those who had volunteered during the Coronavirus pandemic were publicly acknowledged for their sacrifices. Vouchers to the value of £50 each were purchased in Portrush, Castlederg and Strabane.

A presentation event was held in St Pat’s Hall in Strabane where volunteers received their vouchers, supported by the attendance of the Lord Mayor of Derry and Strabane. In total around 150 vouchers were purchased. The vouchers purchased are redeemable in the area ensuring that the local economy was being supported in this venture.

Teddy bears Picnic

One of the final events funded by the trust was scheduled for the end of September, the Teddy Bear’s Picnic in Strabane. This is targeted at the younger children ensuring that their needs are not overlooked during this time and that they can still have fun!!

Sion Swifts

KGT has supported Sion Swifts financially to aid in its facilities and transport costs and. With over 500 players from all the community and up to 70 coaches the club plays a vital role in the local area - highlighted by sending 20 teams to the Foyle cup in Derry.

Books being delivered to Nursing Homes in Castlederg

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